Derby and District Astronomical Society

Astrofest 2012 - 10th-11th February 2012, Kensington Conference Centre, London

Report in pictures by Robert Seymour

Skywatcher 180mm Maksutov, on a Skytee Alt-Az mounting
The huge 400mm Dob!
Skywatchers newest: ED100 5-element photo optimised refractors
Orion Optics VX series Newtonians
The mega-expensive CT (carbon fibre) Newts
iOptron mounting systems
A dual setup on the same mount
AstroTrac. I’ve been very interested in these for some time, and treated myself this year!
A beefed up AstroTrac, shown here with a 4” Takahashi refractor
Vixen telescopes and accessories
The Widescreen Centre’s stand
General astro stuff
The huge 6” F/15 refractor from Starlight instruments
...sitting on this Fullerscopes equatorial mounting
Infra-red camera demonstration
Here’s me!!
8” Celeston SCT with Hyperstar imaging system
Finally, one or two pictures of the five lectures I attended

The lure of the northern lights by Paal Brekke from the Norwegian Space Centre
The two Ian’s - Nicolson & Ridpath with William Sheeham (historian and author) preparing his talk What happened to the canals of Mars?
Ian Ridpath with Professor Martin Barstow from Leicester University
Ian Nicholson introducing Noah Petro, from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center for his talk Lunar Basins- the moons big-bangs
Finally, the introduction of the incomparable Dr Allan Chapman for his lecture The Drapers and the birth of astrophotography. This was one of the highlights of the day for me, and I’m looking forward to doing it again next year.

Rob Seymour