Derby and District Astronomical Society

Caldwell 4 (NGC 7023)
The Iris Nebula

Reflection Nebula in Cepheus      RA 21h 1m 36s  Dec +68d 10m 10s

Peter Branson took this image of the Iris Nebula over two separate nights in May and June 2015. This bright reflection nebula in the constellation Cepheus is lit by a bright star in its centre which shines at magnitude +7. The nebula is about 1300 light-years away and is 6 light-years across. The image is made up from 19x300sec separate images taken on May 30th and June 6th 2015. The images were captured in Artemis Capture software and were taken with an Atik 314L+ colour CCD camera attached to TS Photoline ED102 refractor telescope with field-flattener and Hutech IDAS light pollution filter attached. The images were stacked in Nebulosity and the final image was further enhanced using curves and levels. The telescope was guided using an Orion Mini autoguider controlled by PHD software and all the equipment sat on top of an HEQ5 equatorial mount.  Image © Peter Branson.