Derby and District Astronomical Society

Caldwell 55 (NGC 7009)
The Saturn Nebula

Planetary Nebula in Aquarius      RA 21h 04m 11s  Dec -11° 21m 48s

Mike Lancaster captured this image of Caldwell 55 on the 21st July 2021. It is comprised of a stack of five 2 minute exposures taken with a Mallincam Universe camera attached to a 10-inch Meade ACF SCT on an EQ-8 mount. A 0.5x Mallincam focal reducer was also used. The camera was set to a gain of 16dB, a gamma of -20, a contrast of 0, and noise reduction on. No guiding, flats or dark frames were used. Stacking and processing was done in Nebulosity 3. You can just about pick out the lobes that give this object it's name (in the 5 o'clock and 11 o'clock positions in this image).   Image © Mike Lancaster.