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DDAS member Chris Newsome took this dramatic picture of cloud formations over Basingstoke while on a visit to give a presentation to the Basingstoke Astronomical Society on the 26th March 2009. He used a Canon 400D camera in B&W mode with an infrared filter.

On the 28th June 2007 Chris Newsome was intending to image the sun with a Coronado PST but there was too much cloud to do so. So he turned his Canon EOS300D onto the things that were getting in his way and imaged them instead...lots of times, very quickly. Each image was 1/2000th second at 100 ASA and 10 seconds apart. These were Compiled into a video (around 40 frames) that show the clouds developing and changing as they were blown across the sky...

881 KB Windows Media Video file

(if you have trouble playing the file directly from the link then save it to your hard drive first)

Chris Newsome took this picture of a massive cloud bank taken after a violent downpour on 19th October 2006. The sun was getting low and illuminated the texture of the cloud well.