Derby and District Astronomical Society

Comet Machholz (C/2004 Q2)

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The following image of Comet Machholz was taken by Adrian Brown on the 8th January 2005 using an ATK-1C camera attached to an 11-inch Celestron at f/6.3. It is constructed from eleven 40 second exposures.

This image of Comet Machholz and the Pleiades is a combination of 25 stacked images taken by Chris Newsome on the 8th January 2005 from Allestree in Derby. Each image was a 30 second exposure, at a 400ASA setting taken through a 380mm Minolta Z2 Digital Camera, piggybacked on an equatorially mounted Meade ETX-105. The images were stacked and aligned in Registax. The final combined image was adjusted for contrast and brightness in Adobe Photoshop.

Chris Newsome took the following image of Comet Machholz near the Pleiades on 6th January 2005. It is a composite of ten 30 second exposures taken using a 380 mm Minolta Z2 camera at 200ASA and f/5. The images were stacked in Registax and contrast adjusted in Adobe Photoshop.

The following image of Comet Machholz (C/2004 Q2) was captured by Chris Newsome on 26th December 2004. The image is a stack of fifteen 30 second exposures from a guided Minolta camera at 200 ASA.