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The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of 10th January 2020

This image of the moon was taken during the penumbral lunar eclipse of the 10th January 2020 by Simon Behnke using a Nikon Coolpix P900 camera. It is a 1/500th second exposure at f/6.5 and ISO 250.   Image Copyright: Simon Behnke.

Pete Hill assembled this animated GIF of the penumbral lunar eclipse of the 10th January 2010 from two images he took using a Canon 77D camera, Tamron 15-400 mm zoom lens at 400 mm, ISO 1600, F40, and 1/50th second exposure for both images, These were tweaked in Photoshop 6, and the animation produced in animation shop. The first image was taken at 18:17 as the Moon had passed into the Earth's penumbral shadow, and the second image at 19:13 just past maximum inclusion in the penumbra. Pete comments: "Had to make the best of it as moon was in and out of cloud cover, unfortunately cloud over as it passed out of penumbra at 21:14. You couldn't really tell visually , but camera image showed the darkening in the bottom right corner of moon".  Image Copyright: Peter Hill.

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