Derby and District Astronomical Society

Messier 11 (NGC 6705)
The Wild Duck Cluster

Open Cluster in Scutum      RA 18h 51m 06s  Dec -06° 16m 00s

Peter Branson took this image of M11 on the 28th June 2021. It was obtained by combining the best of 20x60sec images taken with an Atik 314L+ colour camera. This was used in conjunction with a TS Optics Photoline ED102 f7 telescope with a Hutech IDAS light pollution filter and field flattener attached and all mounted on an NEQ6 mount. This arrangement was guided with a separate guidescope using PHD Guiding. The images were combined and processed in Nebulosity.  Image © Peter Branson.

This image of M11 was taken by Chris Newsome on the 30th May 2009. Chris used a Canon 400D camera (controlled by DSLShutter), 18 x 240 seconds exposure, 400ASA, and a Celestron C8-NGT, guided with a Skywatcher 80T/Meade DSI using MaximDL. The final image was stacked in DeepSkyStacker v3.2.2, and then processed in CS2. Note the meteor by the upper left of the cluster.  Image © Chris Newsome.

Chris Newsome produced the following image of M11 on the 14th August 2005.
Image © Chris Newsome.