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Messier 27 (NGC 6853)
The Dumbell Nebula

Planetary Nebula in Vulpecula      RA 19h 59m 36s  Dec +22° 43m 00s

Mike Lancaster captured this image of M27 on the 8th August 2021. The image is comprised of 2 x 4 minute and 8 x 5 minute exposures taken with a Mallincam Universe camera at 16 dB gain through a 10" Meade ACF SCT on an EQ8 mount using a 0.5x Mallincam focal reducer. Processing was done in Nebulosity 4 and Photoshop Elements 2020. No guiding, darks or flats were used.  Image © Mike Lancaster.

The following image of M27 was captured by Dave Selfe on the 18th July 2021. The image is comprised of 31 x 30 second exposures at ISO 800 captured using a Nikon D750 camera and Esprit 100 telescope.  Image © Dave Selfe.

Mike Lancaster produced this image of the Dumbell Nebula on the 26th September 2014. It is a single 90 second exposure taken with a Mallincam Xtreme X2 colour camera at AGC 3 through a 10" Meade LX200 ACF SCT on an NEQ6 PRO mount using an MFR-5 focal reducer and Astronomik CLS CCD filter. The image was un-guided. Image capture was using Miloslick Mallincam Control software. Some processing was performed in Nebulosity v3.2. Additional processing was performed in Photoshop Elements using Gradient Xterminator and Astronomy Tools.  Image © Mike Lancaster.

Chris Newsome and Adrian Brown imaged M27 on the 29th July 2007 using Chris' Celestron C8-NGT with Adrian's ATIK-16HR camera. This setup was guided with a Meade DSI camera through a Skywatcher 80T using MaximDL. The image is comprised of ten 90 second exposures (binned 2x2) in H-alpha and ten 90 second exposures (binned 2x2) in O-III. The images were combined in MaximDL and then processed in CS2. The H-alpha was assigned the red channel, the O-III assigned the blue channel and a synthetic green channel was created to produce the RGB image below. The image made Picture of the Week on the BAA website in August 2007.  Image © Chris Newsome and Adrian Brown.

This image of M27 was captured by Adrian Brown on the 12th July 2007. He took 2 five minute images of M27, one in H-alpha and one in OIII, through his Orion 80ED refractor using an ATIK camera (guided by another ATIK camera on a Skywatcher 80T) on a Celestron CGE mount. Total exposure time - just 10 minutes at the scope. The raw images were then processed by Chris Newsome following Adrian's instructions. The H-alpha frame was assigned to a red colour and the OIII to blue in CS2. A synthetic green colour was created from this combination image to produce the final colour image. This was very slightly sharpened and then a slight Gaussian blur was added. Total processing - 10 minutes on the computer.  Image © Adrian Brown and Chris Newsome.

Chris Newsome took the following image of The Dumbell Nebula on the 19th July 2006. He used a Celestron C8-NGT telescope with a Canon EOS 300D camera. This setup was guided by a Meade DSI camera and Skywatcher 80T telescope using a GPUSB interface and controlled with MaximDL. Twenty 4 minute exposures at 200 ASA were calibrated and combined in MaximDL and processed in CS2.  Image © Chris Newsome.

The following image of M27 was taken by Chris Newsome on the 2nd June 2006. He used a Canon EOS300D camera through a Celestron C8-NGT telescope using a CLS filter. This set up was autoguided with a Meade DSI through a Skywatcher 80T refractor using MaximDL. The image is composed of fifteen 180 second exposures at 400 ASA, which were calibrated in MaximDL and then processed in CS2.  Image © Chris Newsome.

Adrian Brown took the following Image of the Dumbell Nebula (M27) in Vulpecula on the 11th June 2005 using his new 80mm Skywatcher 80ED refractor. This has a focal length of 600mm. He used a monochrome ATK-2HS camera and some Astronomik RGB filters to create the colour image. The exposure details are 16 minutes Luminance (Clear Filter), 8 minutes Red, 8 minutes Green and 12 minutes Blue. Maxim DL 4.11 and Photoshop 7 were used to combine the luminance and colour frames into a single image. This image made Picture Of The Week on the British Astronomical Association (BAA) website on the 18th July 2005.  Image © Adrian Brown.

Adrian Brown took the following image of the Dumbell Nebula M27 in Vulpecula on 28th May 2005. The image was taken with a C11 SCT at F6.3 and an ATK-2HS camera. K3CCDTools was used to capture and stack the 39 individual frames that were taken, each of 50 seconds exposure. Maxim DL 4.10 and Photoshop 7 were used to process the image and remove light pollution gradients. Adrian comments: 'M27 was really low down in the sky and the final stacked image was very faint. It took quite a bit of tweaking of the image histogram to brighten up the nebula'.  Image © Adrian Brown.