Derby and District Astronomical Society

Messier 36 (NGC 1960)

Open Cluster in Auriga
RA 05h 36m 06s  Dec +34° 08' 00"

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Mike Lancaster captured this image of M36 on the 22nd February 2022. It is comprised of three 2 minute exposures taken through a 10" Meade ACF SCT using a Mallincam Universe camera at 2x2 binning and 20 dB gain. A 0.5x Mallincam focal reducer was used and the setup was guided using an SXV Lodestar camera on an OVL off-axis guider with PHD2. Stacking and processing done in Nebulosity 4, with additional processing in Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020.  Image Credit: Mike Lancaster.

This image of M36 was captured by Chris Newsome on the 21st October 2006. Chris used a Skywatcher 80T telescope, a Canon EOS300D camera, an Astronomik CLS filter, and a Celestron ASGT mount to take the image. This setup was guided by a Meade DSI camera through an Orion ED80Pro telescope using a GOUSB Interface and MaximDL software. Five 180 second exposures at 200 ASA were combined in MaximDL and processed in Photoshop CS2 (using RGB Levels, Curves, HighPass & Overlay, and a Gaussian blur).  Image Credit: Chris Newsome.