Derby and District Astronomical Society

Messier 52 (NGC 7654)

Open Cluster in Cassiopeia      RA 23h 24m 48s  Dec +61° 35m 36s

This image of open cluster M52 (at upper right) and NGC 7635 (The Bubble Nebula, at lower left) was captured by Peter Branson on the 19th January 2022. It comprises 90 minutes total exposure. The camera used was a ZWO ASI533 cooled colour camera together with a TS Optics Photoline f7 telescope with a Hutech IDAS light pollution filter and field flattener mounted on an NEQ6 mount. A filter wheel fitted with LRGBHa filters was used to capture two images - L (60mins) and extra Ha (30mins). The two images were combined in Nebulosity and then PixInsight was used to remove background noise and lastly GIMPShop was used to produce the final image using levels and curves. Peter says - "I was photographing the Bubble Nebula and noticed that I could also get M52 in the same image so I moved my point of view to capture these two in opposite corners of the frame. I thought that produced a better context for each of these deep sky objects."  Image © Peter Branson.