Derby and District Astronomical Society

Messier 94 (NGC 4736)

Spiral Galaxy in Canes Venatici
RA 12h 50m 54s  Dec +41° 07' 00"

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Adrian Brown took the following image of M94 in Canes Venatici on the 1st April 2006. The image is comprised of twenty-two 5 minute exposures taken through an 80ED refractor using an ATK16HR camera and Astronomik light pollution filter. Adrian comments that: "Whilst processing this image I discovered an initially hidden part of the galaxy. Depending on your monitor's brightness setting, you may see a very faint, broad ring or halo surrounding the galaxy. At first I wasn't sure if this halo was an artefact or a real feature as its brightness was only just a bit higher than the noise floor of the camera. However, after searching on the web it seems it is real". Adrian has provided a high contrast version of his image below the main picture.  Image Credit: Adrian Brown.