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The Moon - 15 days old

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Stephen Webster took this photo of the Moon on the 18th November 2013 from Heatherton, Derby using a hand-held Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ48 camera.

Chris Newsome took this image of the Moon around a day past full in late May 2013 from North Wales. Its a double exposure, one for the reflection and one for the moon and then the two superimposed on the computer.

Chris Newsome took this image of the Moon one day past full on the evening of the 1st March 2010. He used a Celestron C8-NGT telescope with a Canon 20D camera. Eleven frames were taken in RAW format at 100ASA, converted to TIFF and then combined in MaximDL. The colour was enhanced in CS2 by increasing the saturation levels a bit at a time to maintain the detail in the craters around the edge.

The 15 day old Moon was photographed by Simon Allcock on the 17th November 2005. He used a hand held Fuji Finepix A330 digital camera looking through a 32mm eyepiece on his Meade LX90. The image was then processed in Photoshop v9.