Derby and District Astronomical Society

The Moon - 17 days old

This image of the Moon was captured by Peter Branson on January 19th 2022 and is made from a stack of 500, 5ms images taken with a ZWO ASI533 cooled colour camera together with a 102mm TS Optics Photoline f7 telescope with a Hutech IDAS light pollution filter and field flattener attached, mounted on an NEQ6 mount. The images were stacked in Nebulosity and some slight sharpening was done in RegiStax. Image © Peter Branson.

This image of the 17 day old moon was taken by Chris Callaway on 26 October 2018 using a Takahashi 106ED and ZWO 1600M camera with Baader RGB filters. Each channel comprised 150 3/1000th sec images, the best 25% being used for the image. The data was processed in AutoStakkert!, Astrobin 6 and Photoshop. Image © Chris Callaway.

This close up view of the Moon shows the he Rheita Valley region near to the terminator. It was taken by Chris Newsome on the 9th September 2006 using a Meade DSI camera and 2x Barlow lens through a Celestron C8-NGT. The image is a stack of 133 frames, combined in MaximDL and then processed in CS2 adjusting the levels and curves and then adjusting the exposure value using Gamma, Offset and Exposure sliders. The image was taken in black and white. Image © Chris Newsome.

Chris Newsome captured this image of the Moon setting over the fields at Alderwasley in Derbyshire at 4:33 BST on the 13th June 2006 using a Canon EOS 300D camera and a 200 mm lens. A few minutes later Chris took a picture of the Sun rising over Crich Stand from the same spot. Image © Chris Newsome.