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NGC 1499
The California Nebula

Emission Nebula in Perseus      RA 04h 03m 18s  Dec +36° 25m 18s

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The following image of the California Nebula was created with data taken by Chris Callaway on the 25th and 26th February 2021 from Coalville. The image comprises 20 x 5 minute subs of Ha and 14 x 5 minute subs of Sii. Equipment was a Takahashi 106, the camera was an Atik 16200 with Atik filter wheel and filters, the mount was a Paramount MyT. The images were stacked in Astroart with further processing taking place in Photoshop. Ha was assigned to Red and Sii to both the Green and Blue channels.  Image © Chris Callaway.

This image of the California Nebula was taken by Steven Chambers in February 2018 from Netherton, Northumberland. It is comprised of 15 frames of 90 seconds each tracked with a Star Adventurer mount and using a Canon EOS 550D at 135 mm and ISO 3200.  Image © Steven Chambers.

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