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NGC 3628
The Hamburger Galaxy

Spiral Galaxy in Leo      RA 11h 20m 18s  Dec +13° 36m 00s

This image of the Leo Triplet was captured by Peter Branson on the 6th February 2022, and comprises 100 minutes total exposure (100x60s). The triplet comprises the galaxies M65 (upper right in this image), M66 (lower right) and NGC 3628 (the Hamburger Galaxy, at left). The camera used was a ZWO ASI533 cooled colour camera together with a 102mm TS Optics Photoline f7 telescope with a Hutech IDAS light pollution filter and field flattener, mounted on an NEQ6 mount. A filter wheel fitted with LRGBHa filters was used to capture these images (Luminance only). The images were stacked in Nebulosity, then PixInsight was used to remove background noise and lastly GIMPShop was used to produce the final image using levels and curves. Peter says - "The Leo Trio is a favourite astrophotography target and my new ZWO camera has given me my best image to date of this trio of galaxies."  Image © Peter Branson.

The edge on spiral galaxy NGC 3628 is one of the Leo Triplet of galaxies seen in this image taken by Chris Newsome on the 28th February 2006. NGC 3628 lies at the lower left of the triplet, which also includes M65 at the top and M66 at the lower right. The image was taken with a Canon EOS 300D camera at the prime focus of a Skywatcher 80T refractor and comprises eight 150 second frames at 800 ASA, calibrated in Maxim DL and processed in CS2 using just RGB levels and curves. An Astronomik CLS filter was employed to reduce the sodium light pollution.  Image © Chris Newsome.