Derby and District Astronomical Society

NGC 6781

Planetary Nebula in Aquila      RA 19h 18m 28s  Dec +6° 32' 19"

This image of NGC 6781 was taken by Peter Branson on the 15th July 2022 and is made up from a total of 35 images each at 120 seconds. The images were taken with a ZWO ASI533 cooled colour camera together with a TS Optics Photoline f7 telescope with a Hutech IDAS light pollution filter and field flattener attached, mounted on an NEQ6 mount. A filter wheel fitted with LRGBHa filters was used to capture these images (Luminance only). The images were stacked in Nebulosity, then PixInsight was used to remove background gradients and noise and some further post-processing including using levels and curves. Peter says - "I am interested in photographing as many planetary nebulae as possible - some are very bright, others are quite dim. This is a lovely 'barrel-shaped' nebula with a similar colouring to M27 and M57."  Image © Peter Branson.