Derby and District Astronomical Society

Chris Newsome's USA Trip - August 2012

In August 2012 DDAS member Chris Newsome travelled in the south west United States. Here are a selection of astronomical pictures from his trip.

The centre of the Milky Way taken from Cathedral Gorge, Utah. Nine frames stacked - 30 second exposures taken with a Canon 40D and a 10-22mm lens.

Moonrise over Kingman, Arizona. 205mm lens on a Canon 40D.

This star trail photo was taken at Page, Lake Powell and is a combination of about 45 minutes worth of images.

Another photo of the Milky Way from Cathedral Gorge, Utah, this one of the Cygnus region. Taken with a Canon 40D and a 10-22mm lens.

Meteor Crater, Arizona.

Clouds over Meteor Crater, Arizona.

A view of the dim aurora borealis taken from the plane as we flew back south of Iceland and crossing over to the daylight terminator of the earth.