Derby and District Astronomical Society

Venus in 2020

This picture of the two day old Moon with Mercury and Venus was taken by Chris Callaway from Coalville on the 24th May 2020. The image was taken with a Canon 5D camera, a 100-400mm lens at 148mm, with an exposure of 1/8 second, at f6.3 and ISO 200, using a Manfrotto tripod. Image © Chris Callaway.

Pete Hill captured this image of Venus and Mercury on the evening of the 6th February 2020, just 4 days before Mercury reached greatest eastern elongation. Mercury was visible with the naked eye for a short period before dropping into the glow of sunset. Venus is at top left and Mercury in the gap between the rooftops, close to edge of the right hand roof. Pete used a Canon 77D with a 15-400mm zoom lens adjusted to 31 mm focal length to get both planets in the image. The camera was tripod mounted with a cable shutter release, using manual focus, and settings of ISO 12800, F/20, and a 1/6th second exposure. The image was cropped and processed in Photoshop CS6. Image © Pete Hill.

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